The Wind Window

The window is a quarter dome of space in front of the kite flyer. With your kite directly down wind, it marks the center point of the window. If you are the center of the clock, then 3 and 9 o’clock are your side edges and 12 marks the top of the window. At those extremes, kites tend to stall. Think of a sailboat turning towards the wind, knocking the wind out of the sail. Get into the habit of exploring the window soon after launching. Get a sense of where your fly-able edges truly are and try to determine if the wind is symmetrical within your window. Hmm? Why wouldn’t it be symmetrical? Wind is a funny thing – free to blow, but impacted by everything in its path. We fly on beaches, where the wind comes across a large flat body of water, but then bounces off the sand dunes a quarter mile away. Such deflections can easily weaken a window’s edge. While you can still fly within a weakened region, it is helpful to be aware of the difference of the edges. I also fly in a mountainous region where the window is never symmetrical due to the topography. 

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