Solo Flying Set Up and Pack Up

If the key to improvement is all about increasing your fly time, then finding ways to increase such time is critical. Being able to set up, fly, and pack up all on your own is the key. As a beginner, you are accustomed to having another set of hands to assist you. So where do you get the help when flying alone? The answer – the wind. You simply need that “extra pair of hands” to hold the kite. Using the wind to do just that is the answer. Here’s the flying time sequence:

Imagine you have arrived at your flying field. The wind is good and you are eager to fly.

1 – Walk out into the field facing the wind and walk distance than your line set, as your kite will be flying in the pathway of this walk.

2 – Set the kite down facing the wind. Assemble it and attach the lines. Pay attention to the sleeving colors. My sets are either red/blue or gray/black. Red and gray are always on my left hand.

3 – Turn it around. Place it with wingtips down and give enough line so that the wind

holds it in place. You should have your lines and straps on a winder card and a ground stake in your pocket. [I use a plastic landscape stake.]

4 – Start walking with your back towards the wind. Keep tension on the lines such that the kite is tipped back enough not to launch.

5 – Secure the empty card in a pocket. And you are ready to fly.

6 – At the end of the session, just reverse these steps.

Why the stake? Anytime your kite crashes and you cannot pull off a nifty relaunch, stake your lines, walk to the kite and set up in launch position. I flew without a stake for years and wonder how foolish I had been.

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