Build Comfort for Low Altitude Flying

The learning process for two-line flying usually follows a familiar path for new flyers. Once you get beyond the desire to cruise the sky like a bomber pilot, more subtle maneuvers are sought. Many of these necessitate a comfort level with flying low with comfort. In fact, just landing a kite involves getting comfortable with flying low. I’m not sure that I have any particular tips to share for actually doing this; however, low flight does give you a very clear picture of where your kite actually is in the sky. I prefer to fly low for two reasons. First, it is much easier on my body. I tend to fly on mid-length lines (65 to 80 ft.) and flying high can really bother my neck over time. Second, with low flying, you have the ground line of sight to help you guide the flight. When I am flying in my hometown, which is mountainous with terrible winds, I like to practice making smooth and straight passes five feet about the soccer field surface. Often doing so requires additional hand and body movement in order to adjust for the gusts and wind pulses while still maintaining the straight flight. 

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