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Don’t have a kite or you’re not ready to purchase one! Rent a kite from us!

We can help you minimize your expenses and frustrations while learning how to fly.  By renting a kite from us, you’ll have a kite that’s designed to help you  quickly learn the basics of flying.   Here’s what get with an OCK rental:

  • Kite designed for easy flying
  • High quality Prism kite
  • Very affordable & flexible rates

When you rent a kite from us, you will also agree to and receive a copy of our Outer Cape Rental Agreement.  Check out our Kite Rentals additional information page that contains helpful information and frequently asked questions about renting a kite.  Rent a kite below.

“Outer Cape Kiting made it real easy to book a lesson with them, and then teach me how to fly solo within an hour!”

“I would highly recommend getting a lesson from Outer Cape Kiting. These guys know how to teach you everything you need to know to quickly have fun in the sky!”

“It saved me so much time in learning the basics, along with minimizing the frustration of learning how to fly on my own.”

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