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Kiting on Eastham’s Tidal Flats

Flying kites on the Cape has been a life long passion for Keith and Pete. For nearly thirty years they’ve spent countless hours flying along the bay beaches of Eastham. Many aren’t aware that the prevailing winds on Eastham’s tidal flats create some of the best kite flying conditions on the Cape. Since Pete in now retired and Keith is soon to be, they both wanted something fun to do in retirment. They both agreed they could help flyers of any age learn how to fly more quickly. To accomplish this they created a partnership called Outer Cape Kiting, which will primarily focus on getting people to fly as quickly as possible. Why do they think this important? Over the years they’ve seen many flyers go through the frustration of learning how to fly by themselves. Some stay with it, while many others quickly give up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Outer Cape Kiting seeking permission to fly on the tidal flats?  Granting Outer Cape Kiting permission would allow people to fly on the tidal flats without any worry of trespassing.  It’s ironic that its fine for kayakers, stand-up paddlers and others to be on the the water in front of a homeowner’s property, but being on the sand could create issues.  A Massachusetts state bill being worked would eventually allow the public to use the tidal flats for recreational purposes.  This would then allow kite flyers plus anyone else to use the tidal flats for recreational purposes.  You can read more about Massachusetts current beach access HERE.

Home many people will there by flying?  Flying is based on one-on-one instruction.  If both Keith and Pete are providing a lesson, the most people you would see at any given time would be four.  Essentially, people wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.  It will simply look like a few people flying kites on the tidal flats for an hour. 

What type of instruction is provided? Our goal is to get new flyers over the initial hurdle of learning how to fly, so they can more quickly enjoy flying sport kites. In order to accomplish this, we want to ensure that all flyers can have a safe and enjoyable learning experience. A key part of instruction is that flyers will also be taught about kite safety and their awareness and respect for the environment and wildlife.

When will flying take place?  Because of the tide schedule, flying would normally coincide with the low tide schedule. There needs to be enough of the tidal flats exposed to allow the flyers to go out far enough and away from people.  This allows for the safest flying environment.

Would there be any selling by Outer Cape Kiting on the tidal flats?  The rental of all kites and services is done off-site and prior to coming to the tidal flats.  The flyer and instructor are simply on the tidal flats to fly and then leave when done.  We want to respect the beach and privacy for all residents and visitors. 

Is Outer Cape Kiting similar to other recreational companies in the area?  There are a number of other companies that provide recreational equipment with instruction in the area.  Outer Cape Kiting is very similar to these companies.  We would primarily provide a kite to a would be flyer and then provide the necessary instruction on how to fly more quickly.

Is there a place where I can see what sport kite flying looks like?  Visit our YouTube channel to see some sample videos of us flying on the tidal flats.

Are homeowners liable for recreational activity in front of their property? Kiting is a very safe recreation, compared to other sports.  Although being very safe, every flyer will sign a agreement with Outer Cape Kiting.  The flyer assumes all responsibility and risk. This agreement is very similar to what others sign when renting kayaks, SUPs, surf boards, and other types of recreational equipment that you see being used on the beaches and ponds.

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