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Why Take a Flying Lesson With Us?

You’re asking yourself the question… why you should I take kite flying lessons… it’s only a kite, how hard can it be? For the last thirty years, we have flown sport kites of all types and levels of sophistication. From models that were little more than plastic bags on plastic frames to custom fabricated highly engineered fabrics on carbon fiber frames. When we think about the early years that were mired by hours of our novice efforts, we wish that there was someone available to guide and teach us. We think the kite flying lessons information that we provided will help you quickly become a confident sport kite flyer.

Your time is precious and you want to get the most out of your time on the beach and your time with your kite. Taking a lesson will give you that fast start to learning how to truly enjoy flying a sport kite. So why take a lesson with us?

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Booking a Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead can I book a lesson? We allow bookings 14 days in advance.  This allows ample time to determine the best date and time for a lesson.  It also allows us to determine the best flying conditions based on the tides.

Do I have to register on the Outer Cape Kiting website to schedule a lesson?  You don’t have to register on the Outer Cape Kiting website in order to schedule a lesson.  You can do this as a guest.  There are additional benefits for registering though.  For example, you’ll be able to view any orders placed with OCK and manage various information related to your personal profile.  You’ll also get access to exclusive information that only registered users will see.

What if I don’t see any available dates and times for a lesson, based on your own personal schedule?  Contact us by email or call us and let us know your desired date and time. We’ll determine if we can accommodate your schedule based on the conditions, ie tides, etc.

Why do you ask for an email and mobile number during the scheduling process?  We use the email to send the details related to your booked flying lesson along with a reminder .  The mobile number is used in case we need to contact you with any last minute changes to a flying lesson.  It’s also used to send a reminder of your upcoming flying lesson.

How do I cancel or reschedule a lesson?  Your lesson confirmation email contains a Lesson Access Link.  It takes you to a page where you can either cancel or reschedule a particular lesson.  All cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance.  If you need to cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before a lesson, send a note to:  support@outercapekiting.com.  If a lesson is cancelled, the credit card will also be credited. 

Why do you recommend being at least 8 years old to fly?
  Based on our experience with a broad range of students, we feel that at this age the student is capable of learning the skills needed to fly.

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General Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons for children? Absolutely! If the child is under 10, we suggest that an adult accompany them. (Note: No extra charge.) 

Can I use my own kite for the lesson? Certainly! You can fly your kite or make use of one of ours. Using one of ours is a better way to go, since you’ll eliminate the initial abuse that generally occurs with novice flying and we’ll be able to provide you with a kite best suited to the wind conditions. 

What if there isn’t any wind? We are dealing with mother nature. When the wind just isn’t there, we’ll need to reschedule. It is worth noting that we are able to have you fly in as little as a 3 mph breeze.

What should I wear for a lesson? Dress as casual as you like, i.e. swimsuit, shorts, etc.  Only thing we highly recommend you bring are sunglasses and a hat (baseball cap or something else with a rim).  

Where do flying lessons take place?  Based on tide schedules you will be assigned a flying location during the booking process.  Our primary flying location is Campground Beach.  Because we work with the tides, we could also be flying at First Encounter and Cooks Brook Beaches.

Where do I park for my lesson?  In your lesson reservation email, the beach location and time is provided.  You should plan to arrive 15 minutes early.  Most Eastham residents and visitors purchase beach permit parking passes for the town beaches.  This will be required if you decide to park at the beach.  See the Town of Eastham’s Beach and Recreation website for  information related to beach parking.

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“Outer Cape Kiting made it real easy to book a lesson with them, and then teach me how to fly solo within an hour!”

“I would highly recommend getting a lesson from Outer Cape Kiting. These guys know how to teach you everything you need to know to quickly have fun in the sky!”

“It saved me so much time in learning the basics, along with minimizing the frustration of learning how to fly on my own.”

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