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Family Fun Fly


We just want you to have fun without worrying about having a kite to fly. Our Family Fun Fly package allows up to 5 family members to enjoy an hour of flying single line kites. We supply everything, so all you need to do is show up! You don’t even need any kite flying experience, since flying single kites is very easy and relaxing.

Our Family Fun Fly package is available on most of the Eastham bay beaches. When booking your reservation, you’ll be asked what beach you prefer to fly on. From our experience, the following beaches offer the best kite flying experience: First Encounter, Campground, Hatch, & Cooks Brook. They also provide ample parking during the busy times of the year. The available times closely align with low tide. Flying during low tide offers ample space to fly on the Flats (sand bars). Here’s a list of recommended items to bring along for your Fun Fly:

  • Sunglasses
  • Wide brimmed hat or baseball cap
  • Beach Towel
  • Sun tan lotion

If you have any questions or special requests prior to booking with us, feel free to contact us directly. We’ll gladly work with you to accommodate special requests


“Outer Cape Kiting made it real easy to book a lesson with them, and then teach me how to fly solo within an hour!”

“I would highly recommend getting a lesson from Outer Cape Kiting. These guys know how to teach you everything you need to know to quickly have fun in the sky!”

“It saved me so much time in learning the basics, along with minimizing the frustration of learning how to fly on my own.”

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