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Learning to Fly a Sport Kite has never been easier!


Sport Kite flying on Cape Cod is just one of the many a great recreational activities that the region has to offer. Despite this fact, we have seen few other sport kite fliers on Cape Cod beaches. This is unfortunate, since Cape Cod Bay provides exceptional wind that is smooth and steady, making it perfect for flying!  So… why fly a sport kite?

  • It is a lifetime activity.
  • Enjoy flying at various levels of expertise.
  • Flying is a low-impact exercise.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • There is no limit to developing flying skills or style
  • Fly with a friend, or with a group.

Learn more about Flying Lessons that can quickly teach you how to fly a dual or quad line kite.

Watch the short video below to see what it’s like to fly a sport kite!

Summoning a Sport Kite Resurgence One Flight at a Time

Read an article from the Provincetown Independent on how we’re trying to energize Sport Kiting on the Outer Cape.

Why Choose Us for Learning how to Fly


Our goal is to ensure the highest customer satisfaction with everyone we engage with.


We make every flying experience a friendly time by keeping things simple and enjoyable!


With over 30 years of flying experience, you’ll get the best flying instruction in learning how to fly.


We’ve made it very affordable to teach someone how to fly safely within an hour!

Pushing Turns

Pushing Turns  For the beginner, your initial understanding of the turn is base upon the pull of one line; however, just the opposite is also…

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What’s New in Sport Kiting?

What’s New in Sport Kiting? Is there a renaissance of the sport? It certainly seems that way!  Although two-line kites have been around for over…

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A Young Flyer Learning How to Fly

What People Say About Flying with Us

“Outer Cape Kiting made it real easy to book a lesson with them, and then teach me how to fly solo within an hour!”

“Great experience from start to finish. Keith and Pete took the time to ask me about my flying skills and what I wanted to learn, and put together a lesson that hit exactly those areas. They had great kites and were able to quickly change from one to another as the wind changed. They were friendly and encouraging throughout, and they even helped me solve an issue with my own kite, reaching out to Prism on my behalf. Highly recommend. Look forward to flying with them again when I’m on the Cape again!” Andrew S.

“It saved me so much time in learning the basics, along with minimizing the frustration of learning how to fly on my own.”

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